Manx lessons – Lesson 1

Polyglot in Progress

Since there are limited resources for learning Manx (also referred to as Manx Gaelic), I decided to create a few lessons for fun. To test potential interest, I decided to post the first lesson here on this blog.


Visit this page for a description of Manx pronunciation. (Scroll down to the subheading ‘Manx pronunciation’.)


Lesson 1 Vocabulary and Grammar
Useful vocabulary and phrases:
Kys t’ou? How are you?
Braew, gura mie ayd. Fine, thanks.
mie good
feer vie very good
yindyssagh wonderful
Vel Gaelg ayd? Do you speak Manx?
Ta (beggan) Gaelg aym. I speak (a little) Manx.
Mish (your name). I am (your name).
S’mie lhiam çheet dty whail. Nice to meet you.



mee I

oo you (singular)

uss you (singular, emphatic)

shiu you (plural or polite)

shiush you (plural or polite, emphatic)

eh he

eshyn he (emphatic)

ee she

ish she (emphatic)

shin we

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